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It's Rose Sale Time Again!
It's your chance again to create a double dose of happiness! Make someone happy with a dozen (or more) beautiful roses and help Granite Rotary spread more happiness through the wonderful and worthy causes we support with the proceeds!
rose sale 2017
It's Rose Sale Time Again! mjl 2017-02-27 06:00:00Z
Work underway on updating our Webpage
ClubRunner provided some tools for reworking our home page, so I have begun the process.  You are still encouraged to "Friend" Granite Rotary - St. Cloud on Facebook to be able to follow the club happenings, but I will occasionally add a story or photo album here.  Also Chelle is using the site to list upcoming Speakers.
Work underway on updating our Webpage Mike Lehn 2014-10-30 00:00:00Z
Thanks for supporting our Rose Sale / Like us on Facebook

We are so thankful to our friends for supporting another successful Rose Sale.  Your generosity will help us help so many great causes.

We invite our friends to LIKE us on our Facebook Page <-- click this line to see it


Thanks for supporting our Rose Sale / Like us on Facebook Mike Lehn 2014-04-09 00:00:00Z
PolioPlus - Polio Eradication is Our Goal
ENDPOLIONOW_4pAfter 25 years of hard work, Rotary and its partners are on the brink of eradicating this tenacious disease, but a strong push is needed now to root it out once and for all. It is a window of opportunity of historic proportions.

Reaching the ultimate goal of a polio-free world presents ongoing challenges, not the least of which is a US$535 million funding gap through 2012. Of course, Rotary alone can't fill this gap, but continued Rotarian advocacy for government support can help enormously.

As long as polio threatens even one child anywhere in the world, children everywhere remain at risk. The stakes are that high.

"If we all have the fortitude to see this effort through to the end, then we will eradicate polio."

- Bill Gates
PolioPlus - Polio Eradication is Our Goal Linda Allen 2012-10-04 00:00:00Z
Annual Rose Sale- Another Successful Year!

The Rose Sale has come and gone. Once again the numbers are being tallied and funds are being collected to give to local charities.  This is the Granite Rotary Club's annual fundraiser.  Many wonderful projects and efforts are supported because of this initiative which disperses more than 3,500 dozen roses each year!

Captains Galen Kabe, Mike Sullivan, John Sanner, Bill Bateman, Larry DeGraaf and Bassey Eyo led the charge.

A special thank you to Galen Kahe for all his hard work and extra effort in coordinting this annual event. Many folks dedicated hours and gave up their weekend working overtime to peddle roses. A huge thanks to them. Posters were printed compliments of Bill Carlin. Thanks Bill!

Annual Rose Sale- Another Successful Year! Linda Allen 2012-04-10 00:00:00Z
2012 Bone Marrow Drive

Be the Match -- Join Today!
by Linda Allen

For more than a decade the St. Cloud Granite Rotary has sponsored a National Bone Marrow Registry Drive in St. Cloud. This year, for the 2nd time, the club has partnered with the St. Cloud Technical & Community College to conduct this event.

Last year the drive brought in an additional 209 names to the National Registry! The cost to cover the tests and the cost of the 'matching' process is funded each year in part by the Granite Rotary through its annual Rose Sales. Participants complete a simple registration form that includes contact information, health history and then provide a swab of their cheek cells so tissue type can be tested. This quick and easy process provides the ability to match life saving donors to those in need.

Fellow Rotarian, Janet Steinkamp, Dean of Health Sciences and Human Services, has led the charge of coordinating this fantastic effort these past 2 years. Janet credits SCTCC's common theme of community service and the outstanding support of about 45 dental, nursing, and education students who volunteered for last year's success.

Our goal is simple-- each member is asked to bring 2 people along with them to the drive on Wednesday, April 18th. The drive will be held at SCTCC from 11:00- 1:30 in the commons area.

Guidelines for joining the registry:
1) Be between 18-60 years of age
2) Be willing to donate to any patient in need
3) Meet the health guidelines

Let's truly make this a club sponsored event and get involved and help out!

2012 Bone Marrow Drive Linda Allen 2012-04-10 00:00:00Z
Quote of the Week - Who Said It?

“Whether we are reaching out to those in our own clubs, or reaching halfway across the world, personal involvement has always been fundamental to Rotarian service. When we Lend a Hand, we focus on this personal involvement and we celebrate our shared humanity. Working together, ready and willing to help our brothers and sisters in need, one hand can become many and there is no limit to what the helping hands of Rotary can accomplish.”

 — 2003 International Assembly, Anaheim, California, USA


Quote of the Week - Who Said It? Linda Allen 2012-03-08 00:00:00Z
Thought for the Week

 The Journey is the Destination!

Thought for the Week Linda Allen 2012-03-08 00:00:00Z
Mark Your Calendars!

Rose Sale- March 22nd, 23rd and 24th!

Mark Your Calendars! Linda Allen 2012-03-08 00:00:00Z
National Bone Marrow Registry Drive a Huge Success!

An additional 209 names were added this year! The event was a phenomenal success. Click on the title above to learn more...


National Bone Marrow Registry Drive a Huge Success! Linda Allen 2011-03-02 00:00:00Z
2011 Rose Sale
The St. Cloud Granite Rotary Club is having it's annual Rose Sale Fundraiser on March 24th, 25th and 26th of 2011. Roses are $15 per dozen. The proceeds help Granite Rotary support a number of grants.
2011 Rose Sale Mark Devore