About Granite Rotary

Service Above Self

The Granite Rotary Club of St. Cloud was started by members of the St. Cloud Rotary. Their membership was over 100, and some felt it was time to start another club.
In June of 1984, the club was chartered with 24 members. The club meets every Thursday morning at 7:00 am. The 1st few years were spent mostly learning about Rotary and developing the social structure of the club. During that time, Granite Rotary was among the earliest of the clubs to accept a woman as a member.

As we began to successfully raise money for projects by selling roses circa 1989, the club has contributed more than $400,000 to community, vocational, and international activities. In addition to these contributions, the club endeavors to find local hands-on projects every year.

When the club was chartered we identified that our members were looking for significant social interaction. Our club has held a summer picnic each year for around 20 years and a Christmas party for nearly as long. We also offer opportunities to gather each month for an 'after hours' social as well as a lunch at a local restaurant - providing occasions for member to get together on an informal basis.