An additional 209 names were added this year! The event was a phenomenal success. Click on the title above to learn more...


For more than a decade the St. Cloud Granite Rotary has sponsored a National Bone Marrow Registry Drive in St. Cloud. This year, for the first time, the club partnered with the St. Cloud Community Technical College to add an additional 209 names to the National Registry! The cost to cover the tests and matching process was funded by the Granite Rotary through its annual Rose Sales.

Participants completed a registration form that included contact information, health history and provided a swab of their cheek cells so tissue type could be tested. This simple process provides the ability to match life saving donors to those in need.

Fellow Rotarian, Janet Steinkamp, Dean of Health Sciences and Human Services, led the charge of coordinating this fantastic effort. Janet credits SCCTC's common theme of community service and the outstanding support of the school's 45 dental, nursing and education students for its success. The students were led by 3 central faculty, Pat Mannie, Terri Lerison, and Connie Logeman; the overall event coordination was charged to Alfredo Oliveria.

Local bone marrow recipient, Greta Perske and her mother Jan were on hand for the event as were fellow Rotarians from the Granite Rotary and other local clubs. Registrants and volunteers were touched by Greta's personal journey told so humbly by her mom Jan. All involved were changed by their story and after listening, the group immediately understood their mission.
A special thanks to all who helped with this phenomenal event!